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Facilitation and education

Spoken Word Education offers a different, more creative approach to raising confidence, self-expression. All the while, developing oral communication and literacy skills.

We work with young people and adults in schools, youth groups, offices and organisations – anywhere with people who have a story. The workshops are specially tailored to fit the needs outlined and are specifically designed to boost self-confidence, engage with at-risk youth, as well as improve reading, writing and speaking skills.

"The workshop also enthused me to look into my own life for ideas and inspiration for poems, stories, narratives, etc. It was also a great way to be introduced to a new art to which I was not familiar with before. It has given me ways to be more creative and to channel creative energy to produce an effective and moving piece of art."


Year 7 student 

Upton Court Grammar

Desree Poetry teaching Primary School Children Spoken Word

The intention is to develop the voices and emotional literacy, build self-esteem, increasing academic and career motivation, all the while developing a sense of community and belonging within these communities.

As both a practising poet, and a trained educator with a body of lessons, resources and pedagogical strategies, there are many different ways to incorporate a variety of lessons on the timetable, that can reach far beyond the objectives for English and Drama or office teambuilding and public speaking strategies.

"Desree managed to engage and sustain attention from some children from our most vulnerable groups, give a voice to children who struggle to be heard and provide an outlet and an art to some of our most creative children"



The Langley Academy Primary 

Desree Poetry working one to one with a primary school child working on their writing

Spoken Word Education allows people who may not otherwise get access to arts opportunities, with a range of complex issues that affect their lives and become engaged. Spoken Word Poetry is a cathartic outlet, allowing them to be more focused, hone and process their own emotional needs and become all around more productive.

If you are interested in putting together a workshop for your school or organisation, please complete this enquiry form.

"Desree got every child in the class eagerly creating poetry, whatever their English or literacy ability. We were pleasantly surprised by the volume and quality of verse our pupils wrote in just one hour!"

Year 5 teacher

Brinishe Green Primary School 

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